Property related services

We render comprehensive services in all facets of property-related matters.

Our property-related services include:

Residential Evictions

Navigating the provisions of all the legislation and court procedures applicable to Residential Evictions could be quite challenging. Our experience in this specialised field of law will ensure that your case is dealt with in a fast and professional manner.

Commercial Evictions

Dealing with tenants in Commercial Evictions may require more than knowledge of propertly law. In cases where tenants file for Business Rescue or Insolvency, extra care and knowledge is required to protect a landlord’s interest. Our attorneys are experienced in dealing with such cases and could provide you with guidance and support throughout the process.

Property related services - evictions - packed box
Collection of Arrear Rent

We have an in house call centre with capabilities to deal with large volumes of debt collection matters on behalf of our clients. The firm has proven an accepted collection methods and procedures for effective debt collection which is executed by trained collectors. Should the need arise, we can obtain judgement against the debtors and event apply for garnishing orders against their salaries.

Advice on Eviction Procedures, the Collection Process and Lease Agreements

We offer advice to Rental Agents and Property Managers on the latest developments in Eviction Procedures, Rental Collections and Lease Agreements. We have found that many smaller problems can be resolved if the appropriate procedures were adopted early on. This also speeds up the legal process if ever it is needed.

Drafting and Vetting of Lease Agreements

There are countless number of legislation applicable to lease agreements and the frequency with which they change may cause your lease agreements to be outdated or perhaps unenforcable. The impact of the Consumer Protection Act and the Rental Housing Act should also not be discounted. We offer reduced tariffs for updating Standard Leases for Property Managers and Rental Agents.